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Oral health is often the gateway for the health of the entire body. More and more dental professionals now acknowledge their role in total patient health.

When you partner with the Healthy Dentistry Today brand, you position YOUR PRODUCT on the cutting edge of the expanding Dentistry and Wellness movement.


The Healthy Dentist Summit

As a Partner with "HEALTY DENTISTRY TODAY" Your Brand Representative can be part of The Professional Faculty for this Premier Event.

Without question, oral health plays a key role in cardiovascular health. The number one cause of death of dentists and dental professionals is Cardiovascular Disease.

At The Healthy Dentist Summit dental professionals will benefit from new cutting-edge technology and genetic testing that can make America's biggest killer a thing of the past. It's tailored specifically for the dental community and is approved for 10 CE Hours. This event can save the life of a dentist!

The Healthy Dentist Summit can help you position your product line as an important part of improving the personal health of dental professionals.

"An incredibly informative weekend and well worth the time and investment. The faculty really knows their material and gave wonderful scientific explanations that made it easy to understand. The entire program was very valuable."
—Gary Cornforth, DDS, The Villages, FL
I learned things that are practical, that I can use in my life, and in my practice. I would definitely recommend this weekend.
—Daniel Deutsch, DDS, Washington, DC
David Meinz Live

Your Brand can be associated with one of the Most Popular Speakers on the Dental Circuit today.

Known as "America’s Personal Health Improvement Expert," David Meinz, MS, RDN, FAND, CSP has presented to over 300 Dental Groups. And because all dentistry meeting planners want a successful event, he’s consistently invited to come back time and time again.

David’s insight and expert advice on improving the health of patients, staff, and business is timely, relevant, and peppered with wit and humor. Audience members break into spontaneous applause and laughter as they learn.

David creates the type of personal connection perfect for specifically directing conference and convention attendees to your booth on the exhibit floor.

If you want to expose potential customers to your product line, DAVID MEINZ LIVE! can deliver!

"This is the second time we’ve invited David to speak! Entertainment and pertinent information the audience could take back and use with their patients. Many said it was the best course they had ever been to."
—Margaret Six, Director, Hygienist Program, West Liberty State College
It’s a rare exception that a speaker can make his lecture applicable to front office staff, back office staff, and dentists...and you kept the attention of all.
—Robyn Goldman, Indiana Dental Association
A Continuing Conversation

You can become a Sponsor of David’s Popular Video Blog…with Over 17,000 Subscribers—and Growing!

As David continues the oral health and wellness message with America, his followers gain a deeper level of understanding and insight. David alerts his subscribers to the latest, most promising, information and technology, as well as how to avoid the most recent health fads and gimmicks.

And he does it in his usual friendly, and often humorous style, like in this “What Exactly Is A Crunchberry?“ video.

As a Partner, Your Specific Message can be added to Each Episode.

Really appreciate the continued tips and pointers David. Thank you for keeping me engaged with my health!
—Ron Spencer, DDS, San Diego, CA
Learning Resources

You can “Private Label” any of David’s Popular Books and Learning Materials.

David authors informative and inspirational materials on a wide range of subjects including the oral-systemic connection, longevity, nutrition, cardiovascular health, and much more.

Through years of working with the dental community, David has become a trusted source on health and its connection to dentistry and is a contributing editor to The Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Positively associate Your Brand with the Message of Improving Oral and Total Health.

"An excellent source of education for the doctor and their entire staff."
—Dr. Richard Boyle, Oral Surgeon, Blacksburg, VA
I am loving your book! I am telling everyone I meet and treat about it. It is awesome and doable. Thank you for the life change!
—Jennifer Hathaway, DDS, Bryan, TX
Give Kids A Smile

Show Your Current and Potential Customers that Your Brand Cares.

A portion of HEALTHY DENTISTRY TODAY proceeds goes to help underprivileged and under-served children have a brighter smile.

Through the ADA Foundation, Give Kids A Smile exists because of the efforts of tens of thousands of volunteers—dentists, dental team members, public health experts, and others—who give of themselves to help kids in need have better oral health and ultimately overall health.


An Effective and Compassionate Strategy for Community Outreach.

With this information we'll be able to introduce wellness concepts into our practice and help our patients have a higher quality of life.
—Phil Parham, DDS, Atlanta Study Club

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